About Us

About Us

Welcome to Style Timezone ! Our brand began June 8, 2020 in the middle of a very uncertain time. My name is Daniela Salinas and as the founder of Style Timezone I wanted to build a business that inspired people to feel confident and love their jewelry for the meaning behind each piece.

I started making tik toks and out of nowhere one video went viral. That was the moment I realized the impact one video could make. The amount of support and encouraging messages we received has kept us working hard to bring the best for our customers. We started with no website and taking orders through Instagram and I am so happy that our website is finally up and running.

This business is run by me (Daniela) and my mom who packages orders with care. We both work together to bring pieces that all of you would love and strive to bring amazing quality. Our main goal is to build a brand that has affordable and good quality pieces for people all around the world. 

Style Timezone is a faith based brand and as a follower of Jesus Christ it has always been very important for me to include him in everything I do. With that in mind, the reason for our products to be named bible verses is to spread his word and remind people why they wear that piece of jewelry.

Since the beginning of Style Timezone it has been a great journey. Thank you so much for supporting our small business! Every single one of you is greatly appreciated. 


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